Evatest [OFF] 7 years ago
Naija is blessed with a lot of comedians and jokes. So lets share our jokes . . .

Evatest [OFF] 7 years ago
Akpors : Daddy, I fell in love & want to date this awesome girl
Father : "That's great son. Who is she ?
Akpors : "It's Sandra, the neighbor's daughter"
Father : "Oh I wish you hadn't said that. I have to tell u something son, but you must promise not to tell your mother. Sandra is actually your sister."
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Evatest [OFF] 7 years ago
A couple of months later.
Akpors : "Daddy, I fell in love again n she is even hotter!"
Father : "That's great son, Who is she ?"
Akpors : "It's Angela, the other neighbor's daughter.
Father : "Oh I wish you hadn't said that. Angela is also your sister."
This went on couple of times and Akpors was so mad, he went straight to his mother crying.
Akpors : "Mum I am so mad at dad! I fell in love with six girls but I can't date any of them because dad is their father!"
The mother hugs him affectionately and says : "My love, you can date whoever you want. Dont listen to him He isn't your father."
Akpors Fainted....!!!!

Sidney [OFF] 7 years ago
in the hospital

Okezie [OFF] 7 years ago
Dialogue between police and Okon
POLICE: Where do you live ?
Okon: With my parents
POLICE : Where does your parents live ?
Okon: With me
POLICE: Where do you all live?

Okezie [OFF] 7 years ago
Angry wife 2her husband on phone.
Wife: Where the hell are you? ...
Husband: Honey, u remember dat gold shop? where u saw the diamond necklace & totally fell in luv wit it.
Wife (relaxed): Yes, my king
Husband: remember I had nocash 2 buyit 4 u dat day & I said I will buy it for you one day?
Wife : (totally relaxedwith a smile) Yes I remember my love
Husband: Good, I am in a barbers shop next to that shop!..
Wife: Thunder Fire U!!:.....

Okezie [OFF] 7 years ago
Conductor Asked One Of His Passengers
Conductor: Wey Ur Money?
Passenger: I Be Staff!
Conductor: Which Kind Staff U Be! , U Be Police?
Passenger: No!
Conducter: U Be Soldier? U Be Navy?
Passenger: No!
Conductor: U Be Air Force? Then Wetin U Be! Abeg Pay Ur Money!
Passenger: I Be Boko Haram staff!
All Passengers Shouted: WHAAT!! Conductor U Dey Mad? Oga Boko, Sorry Sir, Abeg No Vex, We Go Pay For U Sir

Okezie [OFF] 7 years ago
At a launching ceremony, Chief Akpos who is an illiterate noticed that each dignitary making a donation had two titles attached to their names.
For instance, Chief (Dr.) Sunday Awurum, Prof(Pastor) Luis paul etc.
Chief Akpos was determined not to allow anyone upstage him at the occasion. When it was his turn to speak, he took the mic and announced: I, Late (Chief) Akpos Akpomiemie Akpororo
Atanatene donate the sum of
N500,000 cash.

Late Who?? The hall was empty
in 60 seconds.

Okezie [OFF] 6 years ago
A man nd his wife are having drinks,
and he says,"I love u!"
She asks,"Is dat u or d beer talking?" He replies,"Its me talking to the beer"


Evatest [OFF] 6 years ago
Akpos wanted to use his ATM card but the machine kept on rejecting the card. A frustrated Akpos called his bank help line.
Akpos : (angrily) So what's wrong with my ATM card.
Customer Care : Sir, I have checked your account, everything is alright here and You should be able
to use your card, are you sure your card is not damaged or

Akpos : Are you insane? What are You insinuating? No one takes good care of their ATM card
like I do.

Customer Care : Okay Sir, are you also sure the surface isn't wet or stained with dirt?
Akpos : You dey mad? ATM card when I dey pet like egg. As a matter of fact, I even laminated it last week when I laminated my Identity card.
Customer Care : Did you just said LAMINATE?
Akpos : Of course Yes!!!

Evatest [OFF] 6 years ago
Akpors was fond of puttn his wife photo in his wallet so one day the wife asked him
Wife:why is my photo always in your wallet
Akpors: when am in trouble...i just look at it and d problem disappears
Wife: hmm...do u see how miraculous i am in ur life?
Akpors:...I just have to look at your picture and say to myself "what problem could be bigger thanthis? " ..

Okezie [OFF] 6 years ago
Akpors : Master Logic
Police : Knock knock
Akpos : Who is knocking?
Police : Police
Akpos : What do you want?
Police : To talk
Akpos : How many are you?
Police : We are 2
Akpos : Talk to each other then.

Okezie [OFF] 6 years ago
Who is the funniest?
1. HAUSA man who
removed his shoes to
enter a
2. IGBO man who went
to the bank with a
spanner to open a
bank account.
3.YORUBA man who
went to bed with a ruler
just to know
how long he slept
4. A TIV man who
watched the news and
at the news reader.
5. AN EFIK nurse who
woke up a sleeping
simply because she
forgot to give him
6. AN IGALA man who
lowered his TV volume
because he wanted to
read a text message..

Okezie [OFF] 6 years ago

9. AN IKWERE man who
polished his shoes to
take a passport photo.
10. AN ISOKO man who
climbed a mango tree to
if the mango was ripe
enough then came
and started
stoning it.....
11. A FULANI man who
chose to drink Fanta
because he thought
sprite was unripe
12. A GWARI man who
saw something that
looked like shit, touched
n tasted n said
"Hmmm" na shit ooo!!!
Thank God I no match
13. AN IDOMA man who
put his radio inside the
because he wanted to
listen to Cool FM...

Okezie [OFF] 5 years ago
Some girls shaaa!..lol ....
Just because you met him at a burial ceremony is
not enough reason why you should store his
number as
"Tunde-burial !"
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